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    Gingerpaw {I would like to join Flamelcan}


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    Gingerpaw {I would like to join Flamelcan}

    Post by Gingertail on Sun Nov 10, 2013 4:29 am

    Cats Name: Gingerpaw
    Age (In Moons Please. A Moon = A Month): 8 moons
    Gender: She-cat
    RP Sample (E.G *Redtail snuck up on the mouse*): Gingerpaw opened her eyes slightly to see the sunlight creeping into the apprentice den, after awhile of laying there watching the sunlight. Gingerpaw eventually stretched before making her way slowly outside of the den.
    Appearance: White pelt with orange tail and patches on the head and one on the back. Has one blue eye and one hazel eye
    Wanted Rank: Happy being an Apprentice at this stage but can't wait to be a warrior.

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