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    Leopardflower wants to join!


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    Leopardflower wants to join!

    Post by Leopardflower on Thu Feb 06, 2014 1:04 pm

    Name: Leopardflower
    Age: 17 moons
    Gender: Female (She-Cat)
    Rank: Medicine Cat
    RP Sample: Leopardflower padded out of camp looking for Comfrey. She found little patch of Comfrey and started to gently take some. She left enough so that the plant could replenish. She came back into camp, went into her den, and started putting the herbs into the right piles. She swept her yellow tail across the stone floor to get all of the dried up herbs out of her den. (Hope that's good!)
    Description: A pale yellow she-cat with unusual back spots on her body. Has icy blue eyes, and a black tail tip.
    Mate: Not allowed
    Kits: Not allowed
    (Knows most herbs)

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