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    Plans for the future


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    Plans for the future Empty Plans for the future

    Post by PoppyStar on Sun May 20, 2012 3:21 pm

    Plot plan for when the site gains enough members

    A Warrior From Each Clan Will Recieve A Dream, A Prophecy. The Two Cats Must Pair Up And Meet At ClorVille. Once they arrive there they realize what they must do; bring home 2 powerful kitty pets. So they go in search for the days they dreamed if and Yeshhhh that's just a basic idea Razz

    You will team up with someone that roams far from your roaming grounds, to find the two who live soft lives, to become a part of what you already have.

    Please Help me think of a good prophecy for this, read my horrible one and think of better ones Very Happy Please post below. If you have an idea :3

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