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    RainClan Techniques


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    RainClan Techniques

    Post by PoppyStar on Fri May 18, 2012 2:02 pm

    Like a Star @ heaven RAINCLAN TECHNIQUES


    1 Birds) RainClan Cats Leap Quietly Onto High Tree Branches, Sliding Their Claws Into The Bark For A Quiet Grip. They crouch, balancing their weight so they dont fall. When a bird is in sight, the cat will leap, snatching the birds legs. They then keep a hold of it, until biting its neck, hard.

    2 Forest Prey) Mentors May Deside How They Teach There Apprentices To Hunt Forest Prey, But RainClan always attack from the back, and aim for the neck.

    3 Water Prey) RainClan Cats Crouch By The Water, Their Muzzle Gently Toucing the Bank. Making Sure They Do Not Cast Any Shadows, They Will Eye The Water For Fish. Once A Fish Appears, They Use Only 1 Claw To Stab The Fish.

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