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    World Of Warriors (W.O.W) Forum Rules


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    World Of Warriors (W.O.W) Forum Rules Empty World Of Warriors (W.O.W) Forum Rules

    Post by PoppyStar on Sun Apr 29, 2012 6:54 am

    W.O.W (World Of Warriors) Forum Rules

    Every Member Must Read All Of These Rules. You Do Not Want To Risk Your Account, Do You?

    Roleplay Rules

    Do not godmod
    Godmodding is not accepted on this site. Dont know what godmodding is? Example: *You see me slash at your flank. You fall painfully to the ground. I have almost killed you* So, basically godmodding is controlling somebodys character.
    This Act Earns You A Total Of One Warning.

    Be realistic
    This means no purple eyes, special powers or strange body parts. Example: Wings. Cats do not know what any twoleg food etc is, therefore, you cannot use this in your roleplay. Stay realistic.
    This Act Earns You A Total Of Zero Warnings. Although A Leader Has The Right To Kick You Out Of The Clan If You Are Being Unrealistic.

    Tresspassing, whats right and whats not.
    Tresspassing is allowed, to cause some drama. Although you cannot do anymore then just stroll past unless otherwise instructed. If we catch you 'destroying camps', or 'killing clan cats', we consider that breaking forum rules. If the site decides to spice up some drama, we might instruct you to do this, and it will be fine to do it at that time. Stealing prey is fine, as long as you dont do it on a weekly basis.
    This Act Earns You A Total Of One Warning.

    Listen to your leader
    Your leader has the right to exile or ban you from the clan. If you do not listen to your leader, and refuse to stop posting on the clan territory, you are disobeying forum rules. This goes for all rules leaders place. The leaders on W.O.W are trusted, and are usually senior warriors, moderator apprentices, or moderators.
    [color=blue]This Act Earns You A Total Of One Warning[/blue]


    General Rules

    Keep your language clean
    No swearing. 'Crap' etc is considered swearing, and should not be used unless moderators and high ranks are giving examples of what you have dont wrong. Yes, using the word 'fudge' as an alternative is acceptable!
    This Act Earns You A Total Of One Warning

    No sexual content
    Do not post any sexual photos, words, or videos on this site. This is strictly against the rules. This includes nudity etc.
    This Act Earns You A Total Of Two Warnings

    Do not give out personal information
    This includes phone numers, names of teachers, your friends and family, your adress etc. You may give away the names of friends faimly teacher etc, as long as you have permission. Giving out names wont give you a warning, but we will warn you that you may be using his/her name when they would prefer that to be private. The rest is against the rules.
    This Act Earns You A Total Of One Warning

    No advertising
    No advertising on this forum what so ever. We want this site to thrive, so we can all live as a happy online warrior cat family Smile We can risk losing members if you start to advertise your own site. Please dont. This means posting links to friends, posting an advertisement in one of the topics, or anything like that.
    This Act Earns You A Total Of One Warning

    Respect the moderators
    Argueing, offending or not listening to a mod is striclty against the rules.
    This Act Earns You A Total Of Two Warning


    1st Warning: You will be warned by one of the moderators via your private messages.
    2nd Warning: You Will Be Banned From The Chatbox And From Private Messaging For A Week.
    3rd Warning: Your Account Will Be Terminated.

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